KEY Comprehension Series

Separate, but interconnected resources designed to help you help students unlock text

REORGANISATION.G&A_3KEY into reorganisation

Reorganisation is gathering scattered information - in close proximity or across many paragraphs or pages. If not mastered it will interfere with future learning success - including the development of research and study skills.
A sub-skill of inference, evaluation & reaction

INFERENCE.MANUAL_0KEY into inference

Designed to help students unravel inference through explaining, modelling and providing extensive practise items - sentences to texts.
A sub-skill of evaluation and reaction


At the high end of the taxonomy, evaluation requires the reader to go beyond what is given in the text.
Requires combined skills of reorganisation & inference    

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There is no point in reading if you don’t understand what you are reading about.  Knowing all the individual words in the vocabulary of a language will not help understand the meanings of those words in their various combinations and sequences if there is no teaching or modelling of understanding. 

While reading often and widely is a major contributor to success, for many young people the ability to comprehend at a high level doesn’t just happen naturally -
it needs to be taught. 
And taught not once, not twice,
but regularly throughout their schooling.

This involves teaching the skills of close and intelligent reading. These skills must not be overlooked.  They must not be dismissed as unimportant, or just too hard to achieve. 

To ensure students get the guidance and practise they need, teachers of reading must continue to develop their understanding of the reading process and the skills successful readers require.



•  8+ years - adults.
•  Competent readers under 8+ yrs
•  Poor decoders (when used orally)

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Each KEY resource has 3 levels based on decoding
8 - 10 years
10-12 years
12 - 14+ years

They are are suitable for students 8+ years  who are able to read above an 8 year decoding level, have a reasonable vocabulary and knowledge of the world.  Texts are not age specific.  Older students can work at Level One without feeling patronised.

Competent decoders younger than 8yrs could work at Level One (at least with reorganisation and inference) to accelerate their comprehension skills.

Older, poor decoders can benefit from having the texts read aloud. They can learn the comprehension skills without having to struggle with independent reading.

ESOL students learn to cope with the nuances of English language without local or minority variations.


1  KEY into reorganisation
2  KEY into inference
3  KEY into evaluation

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There are three titles in the KEY comprehension series that address a variety of skills and levels of thinking.  To be successful, students should be reasonably competent with all the skills. 

Because the skills are interconnected and hierarchical they should be presented in order.

reorganisation requires searching a text for scattered, literal information and is the most basic skill. This is not as easy as may be thought and must be mastered (at least to Level One: 8 -10 years decoding) before proceeding to inference.

inference requires thinking beyond the words. Knowledge of reorganisation is a sub-skill. Inference must be mastered (at least to Level One) before proceeding to evaluation.

evaluation (and reaction) involves a significant merging of both reorganisation and inference.





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