How is this diary different from others?

Where most reading diaries ask the student to list what they have read and perhaps make comments, the EXTEND Reading Tracker goes beyond that. 

It requires the student to identify the genre of the material they have read as well as track the length of time spent reading. 

This information is entered on to a time graph and a type graph, giving a clear picture of where they have come from and in what direction they need to go.

How does the Tracker help improve comprehension?

For greater comprehension, putting reading skills into practice is of equal importance as learning to how to unravel texts e.g. learning how inference works.   

If a student is not often engaging with text, or is reading only one type of text they are not getting the opportunity to improve comprehension levels. 

The EXTEND Reading Tracker doesn’t demand that students read books only. Practically all reading is acceptable.

The Tracker does 2 vital things: 
- It encourages small, achievable increments in time, e.g. setting an initial goal of 5 – 10 minutes a session, rather than an hour. 
- It encourages students to read more widely – beyond their favoured genre and interests.

The graphs help create a 'picture' of progress – of both time spent reading and types of reading covered.

Does the Tracker work with adolescents/adults?

The EXTEND Reading Tracker works exceptionally well with older students (adults included).

For them, it has been found to be self-motivating, as they can take control of their own program. 

They will still need support and assistance, especially in the early stages, in realistic goal setting and learning how to choose suitable reading material.